Syarifah Ezdiani

    Ph.D Candidate


    Phone: +64 9 921 9999 Ext. 8681

    I received my B.Eng. in Computer and Communication Systems in 2000, and MSc in Computer Systems Engineering in 2006, from Universiti Putra Malaysia. I have been granted a study leave from my employer -Universiti Industri Selangor in Malaysia, in which I have served almost 9 years as a lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering.

Research Objectives

QOS Provisioning and QOE Measurements in an Environment of Federating Wireless Sensor Network Testbeds

The federation of WSN testbeds has become pervasive in supporting large-scale experimentally driven research towards generating new ideas for WSN applications. Consequently, the Internet has become the de facto standard for establishing remote connectivity between these testbeds. In general, the interconnection has strong and strict requirements for end-to-end communication between the testbed users and the testbed facilities. As such, federation of testbeds has brought forward the requirement for quality of service (QoS) for efficient and reliable interconnections. On the other hand, as these testbeds allow multiple-user access and control to testbed facilities, user's perception and experience holds a strong position in determining the overall network usability, reliability and quality. We propose that quality of user experience (QoE) also determines the network performance in that the network-level QoS parameters are translated into user-level QoE perception.

In this research, we are inspired by two major goals - First, to provide a solution for QoS provisioning that satisfies stringent QoS requirements of an environment of federated testbeds. Second, to devise a scheme for validating and verifying the network performance under the modelled QoS. Therefore, our proposed work will primarily focus on modeling the QoS within the key components of network's gateways and testbed servers. Our simulation activities will be carried out using OPNET Modeler. To provide a means of validation, the network performance measurement under the proposed QoS shall be conducted over physical, open federated testbeds (eg.: WISEBED). Moreover, in order to complete the modeling requirements, this research also aims to generate a federation across WISEBED and PlanetLab. Furthermore, this research aims to evaluate the QoE of testbed users in order to verify the modeled QoS. Additionally, the research issue of this PhD research may be further extended to achieve possible optimization of overall network resources as well as user requirements.

Conference Papers

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