Naresh Yamani

Research Objectives

Sensor Network for 3D Thermal Mapping: Object-Centric Intelligent Environment

The focus of this research work is to develop a concept towards building an object-centric environment using wireless sensor networks. Object thermal tracking within a predefined space is one of the main objectives here. Sensor networks can be useful in a variety of domains that include their application in cool-stores, greenhouses, warehouses, cargo containers, building monitoring, climate monitoring, logistics and several industrial applications. This research will look at using soft computing for space thermal analysis based on gathered data from restricted sensing points. The sensing capabilities will be restricted to those existing within the boundary of a given space. Further, the distribution of the sensors will be used as a parameter for evaluating the ability to predict the temperature at any point within the space. The motivation for the later is to evaluate the validity of the approach for predicting the thermal map of existing establishments like food stores.


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  • Presentation at Sensor Network & Smart Environment Workshop, 15th September 2008
  • Presentation at Sensor Network & Smart Environment Group Seminar, 23rd April, 2008.


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