Professor Dr. Adnan Al-Anbuky

    Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Director of the Sensor Network & Smart Environment Research Centre(SeNSe)

    AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand
    School of Engineering, 24 St. Paul Street
    Private Bag 92006, Auckland 1142, NZ
    Phone: +64 9 921 9836
    Fax: +64 9 921 9973


Adnan Al-Anbuky is a full professor at Auckland University of Technology. He received his BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. degrees from University of Baghdad/Iraq, University of Salford/UK and UMIST/UK in 1969, 1971 and 1975 respectively. During 1975 to 1995 he assumed number of academic and administrative positions at Baghdad University of Technology/Iraq and Yarmouk University/Jordan. The area he focused was embedded systems as applied to incremental motion control. Professor Al-Anbuky joined Swichtec/New Zealand in 1996 for establishing and running an industrial research unit on telecommunication DC power systems monitoring and remote management. This successfully utilized the NZ government funding, the international $3.5B Invensys corporate facilities and resources and the University of Canterbury postgraduate research students. Late 2005 he joined AUT as a professor and head of electrical and electronics engineering department. The establishment of the Sensor Network and Smart Environment SeNSe/ research centre in mid-2006 has led into a number of concepts that benefited both the local and international communities. He has been involved in running good number of conferences and workshops. He has authored good number of peer reviewed papers and delivered number of invited talks. Professor Al-Anbuky enjoys good connectivity with both local and international research and industrial communities.

Academic qualifications

BSc (University of Baghdad/ Iraq) 1969; MSc (University of Salford/UK) 1971, PhD (UMIST/ UK) 1975

Years as a practising researcher: 1970 to date

Teaching areas

738001 Industrial Project (course leader) (2006, 2007 and 2008)
738001 Industrial Project (project supervisor)
738019 Intelligent Systems Engineering (2008 to date)
739000 Intelligent Systems (2008 to date)
739001 Wireless Sensor Network (2011 to date)
709011 Engineering Research Methodology (2009 to date)

[-]Postgraduate supervision

Current PhD Projects
  • Craig Walker: Opportunistic Peer to Peer Firmware Updating for wireless Sensor Network [Started Dec 2012]
  • Indrajit Acharyya: IoT Based Sensor Networks: Architectural Optimization of a Large Scale Cloud-Based System.
  • Akash Gupta: Ubiquitous Healthcare Realtime Activity Monitoring of Elderly Patients
  • Duaa Al-Hamid: Impact of Network Function Virtualization on the Quality of Service of an IoT-Based Sesnor Network
  • Khalid Al-Naime: Cyber Physical Systems and Cancer Patient Prehabilitation.
Current ME Projects

[-]Track record


Academic Staff member (Full professor 1987) / Baghdad University of Technology/ Baghdad
One of the Pioneers who were actively involved in establishing the System and control Engineering Department during the 70’s and 80’s within Baghdad University of Technology.


Professor Head of Computer Engineering Group (91-93), Dean of Engineering Faculty (93-95)/ Yarmouk University/ Jordan
Actively involved in upgrading the standards of Hajawi College of Engineering within Yarmouk University of Jordan towards applied engineering


Design Engineer (96-99), Research Specialist (99-04) / Swichtec NZ (currently Eaton)
Established specialized industrial research unit at Swichtec/ NZ. This has utilized both government funding and the University of Canterbury postgraduates for developing number of concepts. The unit was later served the $3.5B Invensys corporate. The unit has delivered 10 patents, numerous high profile publications (some of the concepts were considered as break through in the technology), concepts for products and others.


Adjunct fellow/ ECED/ University of Canterbury
Delivered postgraduate course as well as helping in the connection with local and international industries


Visiting Staff member/ CSSE/ University of Canterbury


Professor/Head of Elect Eng/ Associate Head of Eng School/ AUT University/ NZ
Consolidate the department as a University level and research driven academic unit. Also strengthen the links with the local industry through maximizing the population of final year students’ interaction with local industry.


Professor/ Director of SeNSe Lab./ School of Eng. / AUT University
The concept of SeNSe Lab has been formulated after analysing the R&D direction in distributed/networked control which is related to the candidate’s experience. The lab grows from no postgraduate students to around 20 PhD and ME students within a very short duration. The research areas cover good number of potential concepts that could serve range of application domains. Majority of the research are tide to an example industrial application. Good number of experts from AUT, NZ and the international community interacts and collaborates with the lab.

External Board or Committee memberships


Recent Invited Talks AND Seminars Presentations

  1. Invited talk, 2015 IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer Talks, 25 August 2015 Auckland, NZ “Public Space Ambient Intelligence: Background & Challenges”, Keynote talk at FedCSIS 2014, 7-9 Sept 2017, Warsaw/ Poland, “WSN in Smart Buildings and Human Comfort”
  2. Invited talk at UniSim, Singapore, Sponsored by IEEE Singapore Signal Processing Chapter, Singapore, 13th September 2013, "Smart Buildings and Human Comfort"
  3. Invited talk at CCTA 2013, Beijing, China, 18-20 September 2013 "Prospects and Challenges of Federated Sensor Networks"
  4. Keynote talk at APCC 2013, Bali Indonesia, 29-31 August 2013, "Federated Scientific Sensor Network Testbeds Prospects and Challenges",
  5. Panel Session at ICWMC 2012, Vence Italy, 24-29 June 2012, "The Next Hops Towards Everywhere, Anytime,...
  6. Keynote talk at CQRT 2012, Mt Blanc France, 29Apr-4May 2012 "Integrating the Physical World through the Cyber World: Federated Sensor Networks Prospects and Challenges"
  7. Organize a business forum at ICC2011Kyoto Japan, 5-9 June 2011, "Scientific Wireless Sensor Network Testbeds: Growth & Impact"
  8. Keynote talk IEEE NZ I&M workshop, AUT NZ, 10-11 March 2011, “Sensor Network Embedded Intelligence: Ubiquitous Real time Sensing, Monitoring & Management
  9. Opening talk APCC and ATNAC 2010, Auckland NZ ""
  10. Recent Research Proposals Reviews and Theses Examination

    1. Review Graduate program on Dependable Smart Systems for the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific
      Research (NWO)
    2. Review two research proposals for the Korean Scientific funding authority
    3. Conduct Theses examination at ME and PhD level to number of local and internatinal Universities like University of Auckland, Massey University and Edith Cawon University (ECU)
    4. Regular reviewer to number of international journals and conferences

    Acquisition of research fund While at AUT

    1. Acquired Around $850,000 local and international fund over 2006-2012
    2. One of the three partners that recently won the $6.5 Million MBIE fund for the "Sensor Networks for Inventory Management of Fresh Food Exports" research proposal
    3. Acquired $140,000 as a local AUT fund for the establishment of AUT Sensor Network Testbed


    1. Journal Publications

    • Gupta, A. and A Al-Anbuky, “An IoT-Based Patient Movement Monitoring: The Post-Operative Hip Fracture Rehabilitation Model” (2021) Speacial Issue on Mobility and Cyber-Physical Intelligence, Future Internet Volume 13 Issue 8 10.3390/fi13080195
    • Al-Naime K., Al-Anbuky A., Mawston, G. “Remote Monitoring Model for the Pre-operative Prehabilitation Program of Patients Requiring Abdominal Surgery”, Journal of Future Internet, Special Issue on Human & Computer Interaction Models and Experiences for IoT Systems and Edge Computing, April 2021.
    • Gupta A, Al-Naime K, Al-Anbuky A, “IoT Environment for Monitoring Human Movements: Hip Fracture Rehabilitation Case”, Communications in Computer and Information Science. 1387: 44-63. 01 Jan 2021.
    • Khalid Al-Naime, Adnan Al-Anbuky and Grant Mawston, “Human Movement Monitoring and Analysis for Prehabilitation Process Management”, J. Sens. Actuator Netw. 2020, 9(1), 9,
    • Khalid N. A., Bai Q., and Al-Anbuky A., “Adaptive Trust-based Routing Protocol for Large Scale WSN” IEEE Access (Volume: 7), 30 September 2019, DOI:10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2944648
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    2. Conference Publications

    • Pejman A. Karegar and Adnan Al-Anbuky, “Travel Path Planning for UAV as a Data Collector for a Sparse WSN”, 3rd International Workshop on Wireless Sensors and Drones in Internet of Things (Wi-DroIT) 2021, July 14-16, 2021 Virtual, co-located with DCOSS 2021.
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    3. Patents

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